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  1. Good morning all, This is my first clinical and experience with first day post-op patients and I am learning (ish) a lot quickly but looking for some more guidance and resources so I am better prepared. I just had a patient who was post-op bowel repair and had a local bupivacaine injection device. I had never seen those before. Never even heard of them- our instructor was quit surprised and told me to look them up. Our nursing texts have a single paragraph dedicated to them about why they may be used but no parameters to monitor or anything. I did a quick literature search and found some info on infection rates and prevention but also want to know some more practical information. Such as, if this is in place post bowel surgery, and it normally takes 3-5 days for the large intestine to start functioning again, but the anesthetic runs for 3 days- does that add 3 days on to the bowel function recovery time? Does this extend the period of time the patient will be NPO post surgery? Other things I should know(/be educated on) when educating "my" patient? Any experiences, directions to resources or blatant "duh" statements appreciated. Thanks!

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