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  1. NCKristiBA

    Walden FNP Review

    I am a current MSN-FNP student at Walden University - however, I just found out that they are under investigation. This is very worrisome for me and I'm not sure that I want to continue there knowing they could possibly lose their accreditation. Does anyone know of any other on-line schools that would be willing to accept the 4 classes that I have already taken - I just hate to have to start over and lose the 4 classes that I have already finished! Thanks!
  2. NCKristiBA

    Getting into NP school

    Hi there - so I am applying to FNP school at several different universities and have a question about GPA's for admission purposes. I have a bachelor's degree in business management from 2002 and needless to say, I did not graduate with a very good GPA. Since that time, I received my ADN and BSN. I had a 3.96 in my BSN program, but that only accounts for 33 hours. My GPA from my business degree was less than a 2.7 so I am really worried that I will have a hard time getting in any where. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do FNP schools typically only look at your nursing grades or will all the classes I took in my business degree also count toward my GPA? Thank you!