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  1. UMSON CNL Spring 2021

    Hey! CONGRATS on the interview invitations/acceptance letters everyone. I just got invited for an interview! This is my second time applying. Last year I didn’t get an interview, so I’m super nervous yet thankful. Please send any tips/t...
  2. UMSON CNL Fall 2019

    Congrats everyone, I am excited for you all. Never got an interview email so I guess will attempt spring 2020. Does anyone know if they send out rejection letters?
  3. UMSON CNL Fall 2019

    Heyyy Everyone! I Applied for Fall 2019 as well. I thankfully got all of my stuff in by the 1st (minus one set of transcripts that is now in). I somehow managed to lock myself out of my surfs account, so I cant even check the status updates if I trie...

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