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  1. LaurynZara

    HELP! Need to make decision!

    Hi all! I have a quandary I need help to think through. I just finished up my first semester of nursing school. I have a break in between my semesters and I am in the process of getting my CNA license( which can't happen until transcripts are released and then I go take my test and get my license). In the meantime A few of my instructors have mentioned the local Phlebotomy course offered( every Saturday for a few months) as a potential course I could take and beef up my resume when applying for jobs in the summer while I finish nursing school. MY question is: is this something worth pursuing? a phlebotomy license? I live in California btw and I really want to get employed in a hospital setting while I finish up school( not working is not an option for me). Fellow nurses and nursing students and potential nurses help me out here, is this a good avenue to pursue? Thank you all!
  2. Hi Lauryn I noticed that you got accepted to SCC's program. I applied for Fall 2020 in September. I know that I should receive my admissions letter in late Jan or early Feb. I wanted to ask you if you got accepted on your first time applying? Also, how are you liking the program so far? Thank you 🙂

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    2. MarinaT95


      Hey! Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I was accepted as an alternate. I am very pleased with the offer as well. I was wondering what you know about this alternate position at SCC. Does this mean I will be guaranteed a spot for next year? It is what I have heard but I don't want to believe it until I am actually there. 

    3. LaurynZara


      that great congratulations! from my class a lot of alternates were  accepted into the program. I would just continue communication with Jan..go to orientation and  check what number you are. From what I have heard I think alternate students are guaranteed a spot next year; but I'm not entirely confident saying that so I would double check. But a girl from last year was an alternate and they told her she would be guaranteed next year..so that's what I'm basing this on.

    4. MarinaT95


      You are seriously so helpful, thank you for replying back so fast I really appreciate it. I spoke with Janet and she did say that I was correct, (Alternates are guaranteed a spot for the next year). But there was a huge technical error in the selection process this year so I'm having trouble believing what people are saying. Hearing you say that puts me at ease. Thanks so much for the info! I will make sure to attend all of the meetings. 

  3. Hi all! I am a first year nursing student and I was wondering if anyone knew of any student nurse externships/internships in the Sacramento/fairfield/vallejo area?? Really anything at all for the summer or even during school. I really want to gain more experience while earning some $. I don't want to work at my food service job anymore and I am in the process of obtaining my CNA license( after 1st semester ill have enough hours to take the test). I really want to know if anyone has gone a similar route during their nursing school journey. It has to be in this area because that's where my family lives and I would like to stay close to home during the summer. Thank you in advance!
  4. LaurynZara

    Yuba College Fall ADN 2019 Hopefuls

    thank you. I applied to a bunch of ADN programs in the area and then solano bsn program.. This is my first time applying( just finished my prerequisites in december). I am excited to get everything started and start my career.
  5. LaurynZara

    Solano Community College Fall 2019 Program.

    hey! I got an acceptance email on 2/14 around 12 pm. on my submittables it still says in progress.
  6. LaurynZara

    Yuba College Fall ADN 2019 Hopefuls

    HI! I applied as well. My total point score: 80. I applied to solano CC. I got into that program! I'm just waiting to hear back from yuba to see if I even have a decision to make. Good luck to everyone applying.
  7. Hello, I just got accepted into Solano Community College Fall 2019 nursing program. I was wondering if any people who have applied to are currently in the program know a little bit more about the structure/curriculum and clinicals. any information would be helpful, I am trying to decide between a few programs right now.

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