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    Scope Of Practice Question

    We recently instituted a new job at our hospital of observers for Suicide Ideation patients. This is a role that doesn't even require a HS diploma and these staff are to only sit and watch patients. The person is not allowed to touch the patient at all. Our hospital is requiring all RN's, UC's, and LNA's to also fill out this job description and sign the paperwork since they could be asked to sit in the room if needed to relieve someone for a break etc. They are also pulling LNA's and UC's off the floor to this job. The problem with this is we are being told that while we are in this role we also are not allowed to touch the patients. This includes if they are trying to hurt themselves, are a fall risk and getting out of bed, or any reason. While in this role we can only call for assistance to the room. This is very hard for nearly everyone (RN's and LNA's) as they don't feel right sitting and just watching whatever action the patient is doing that could be potentially a safety concern. Are we as RN's even allowed to act below our scope of practice and not help a patient? We were even told by our administration that we can't touch the patient and if they are going to fall that its going to happen anyway...

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