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  1. moety34

    IRSC Fall 2019 hopefuls

    The score you have to receive on the NLN to be eligible for the program is 110. Last year people started getting accepted to the program with a total score (NLN+MCB+A&P) around 160. The last time I applied I scored a total score of 155 and got in as an alternate. It seems to vary a lot. I had a friend that got into the program two years ago with a total score of 153.
  2. moety34

    IRSC Fall 2019 hopefuls

    Hi, I was wondering who is planning on applying at IRSC for the fall 2019 semester? I know it's still early but applications will be due before we know it. I'm hoping to set up a forum where we all support each other by sharing what we are doing to prepare for the NLN. I bought the red book and also an APP called NLNPAX. I prefer the APP because I can review a couple of questions during my downtime without committing a lot of time. I think repetition is key. Good luck and happy studying!