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  1. schoolnurse1118

    Sending Home Any Covid Sx?

    Do you plan on sending every kid home with even just one Covid symptom? Our school nurses in the area have been telling me that’s their plan. I would be sending SO many kids home. With allergies and flu season, everyone will be affected pretty much! The list of symptoms is so long and so similar to multiple other illnesses I wish covid was more obvious....why can’t you get a purple tongue with it?!
  2. schoolnurse1118

    Isolation Room

    Hi, What are your thoughts on a covid isolation room? It’s been recommended that we find an available room, with sink and bathroom available and possibly an exit door. Any child expected to have covid will need to wait there until they can be picked up. My worries are: —Who is monitoring this room (in full PPE gear) while I’m tending to sick kids in my office? Do I try to get someone else to help with routine visits while I man the isolation room? Budgets are tight —I feel like a TON of kids will be sent home given the list of covid symptoms. How many kids with cough or nausea or headache do we see that stay in school? Now kids with any of the 10+ symptoms must be sent home? I will need 30 isolation rooms! It just feels so overwhelming especially since you can also be asymptomatic. Will I spend the majority of my year triaging “Is this possibly covid?” 🤷🏼‍♀️ Thanks for any advice!
  3. schoolnurse1118

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    No GB but blistered head to toe, they thought she may have gotten measles from it. Mom said she was quarantined for days at the hospital and infectious disease docs were baffled. That’s just what I got from the parents.
  4. schoolnurse1118

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I should have mentioned it’s a Catholic private school. We don’t accept religious exemptions since vaccines don’t go against Catholic teachings. I was just curious how it was for everyone else. I guess I’m wondering if kids can go to school without their immunizations....why would anyone be surprised if there was a measles outbreak and that child had it?
  5. schoolnurse1118

    Measles!! No MMR #2 advice

    Hi guys, I just wanted your take on this. I work at a private school in Texas. To some extent I know we make our own guidelines, but obviously follow state law. I have a 6 year old trying to enroll for second grade next year. The girl apparently had a terrible reaction to her MMR at her one year checkup. She hasn’t gotten the second dose. She had been hospitalized, infectious disease met with her, etc. Would your school allow her to be exempt from the shot or is it mandated she get it prior to beginning school? Also........how susceptible is she to getting measles? I’ve heard with just the first shot you’re around 94% protected? Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!! Maggie

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