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  1. Iowa has one of the lowest unemployment rates. Also, we are very rural, so depending on where she is employed finding another job may be difficult.
  2. I totally agree with you. My husband also works for the state of Iowa. The state is using the dismantling of the collective bargaining agreement to the utmost. As I understand it, the first thing the state did to Iowa nurses was change their status from nonexempt to exempt so that more hours could be required with no pay. Also, the states seems to be "making it up as it goes." Since the change took effect basically overnight, there were no policy or procedures in place to deal with this. The collective bargaining unit now has no say into the creation of new policy or procedures which now means the worker is at the mercy of the employer.
  3. I totally agree. As I stated on another comment, my husband is a member of a collective bargaining unit affected by the changes. I agree that the Republican legislators have anti-employee stance; therefore, I vote Democrat.
  4. Msn1971

    Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    Agreed that she is the only one labelled as such.
  5. Msn1971

    Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    My question to you is why is the nurse more dangerous and more to blame that a doctor who did the SAME crime? Why should a nurse be held to higher standard than a physician? THAT is what I don't understand. Also, please explain to me how punishing nurses who are following the rules by limiting their abilities to practice ethically. Thanks.
  6. "What the bill does: For non-public safety employees, contract negotiations would be limited only to wages. That’s a significant change from current law, which requires benefits such as health insurance, vacation time and seniority perks, as well as work conditions such as hours, overtime pay and evaluation procedures, to be negotiated collectively. Additionally, many of those items that currently must be bargained for would be explicitly banned from future negotiations, including insurance and seniority benefits and evaluation procedures," as stated in a Des Moines Register article. Here are the 5 key changes in Iowa's collective bargaining billJason Noble and Brianne Pfannenstiel, Des Moines RegisterPublished 7:25 p.m. CT Feb. 8, 2017 Just so you know...my husband is one of the state workers who was affected by this new regulation. All policies regarding leave, overtime, etc are being rewritten and the collective bargain unit has NO say and the workers have NO say in what is being done. The collective bargaining unit was actually doing an excellent job by protecting workers from the disparities Iowa sees in workers in the private sector. As an at will state, Iowa employers have a lot of freedom as far as termination of employees for ANY reason and the employer does not have to reveal those reasons to an employee. From a brochure produced by the state of Iowa, "non-prohibited topics are “permissive,” and can be left in contracts or discussed in negotiations, as long as both parties agree. Examples include:  Overtime pay  Incentive pay for certain shifts, additional duties, years of service or other factors  Hours and work schedules  Breaks and lunch periods  Vacation, sick leave, bereavement leave, holidays, or other time off  Grievance procedures for resolving workplace problems  “Just cause” standards to ensure due process in discipline  Seniority  Health and safety provisions  Job postings, classifications, training," University of Iowa (Quick Guide to Understanding Public Sector Bargaining under Iowa ’s New Law, February, 2018 The University of Iowa Labor Center). Link may be found here: https://www.iowaaflcio.org/system/files/quick_guide_to_understanding_ia_public_sector_barg2018_1.pdf The key to this that BOTH parties have to agree to negotiate the topic. If BOTH parties do NOT agree the issue may NOT negotiated giving the state a very broad breadth as far as denying workers rights.
  7. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. The state of Iowa does not like employees who file lawsuits against their employers. I was told by attorney once that if I wanted to continue to work in the state of Iowa I would not bring any type of case before the courts because the courts tend to find for the employer and once in the system I would be considered a "problem employee" and would probably never work in the state of Iowa again. Also, I don't think it is ok for corrections officers to not be covered under the collective bargaining agreement either. I have a friend who is a corrections officer and I don't think it is right that he is not able to negotiate for his rights as well.
  8. Msn1971

    Nurse Practitioner Called a Drug-Dealer at Sentencing

    Why she is more to blame than the doctor? I don't think so! Akwuba was working under a doctor (Sanchez) where she learned to "beat the system." Sanchez was supposed to be collaborating with Akwuba in the first place and he set her up to go down. Limiting the scope of practice for nurse practitioners is not going to solve the problem especially if the nurse practitioner end up working for a scam artist. However, I do believe that Akwuba was unethical in her treatment of patients. I do not believe she is an innocent party but more guilty than the doctor? I don't think s o.
  9. This situation is truly sad. As an Iowa nurse, I realize the stress and danger a nurse faces everyday. Iowa law makers refuse to acknowledge this. In fact, the Iowa Supreme Court just upheld the 2017 change to collective bargaining but certain public employees such as fire, police, and EMTs are able to negotiate under the old legislation because they risk their lives on daily basis. As a Des Moines Register Article from 2017 explains, "Under the legislation, most public-sector union contract negotiations will be limited only to base wages. Unions will be banned from negotiating with their employers over issues such as health insurance, evaluation procedures, staff reduction and leaves of absence for political purposes. However, public safety workers such as police and firefighters will have a broader list of issues to be considered in contract talks" (William Petroski and Brianne Pfannenstiel, Des Moines RegisterPublished 12:38 p.m. CT Feb. 16, 2017 | Updated 8:20 p.m. CT Feb. 16, 2017). Apparently, being beaten half to death by a patient does not constitute "risking one's life" under the current Iowa law.
  10. Msn1971

    Nursing(NA/LPN/RN) vs Medical Assistant***VENT

    Amen to that. I work as a temp nurse for a psych clinic. It was irking me because a CMA was telling me that she and I were the same because we did the same things in the office and nurses who believed otherwise were holding on to "old ideas." In the area of the country where I live many clinics are not employing nurses at all... only CMAs. As an RN this practice does not sit well with me.