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    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    I remembered that in primary school kids obviously couldn’t get their own meds, so if I was sick and mum sent in cough syrup or panadol liquid etc the office ladies would measure it and give it to me, and my mum always packed a lolly for after the medicine and cough lollies were sold in the canteen at primary school, if you had no money but a bad cough the canteen ladies would start a tab for your parent to pay later in high school I have no idea if we were allowed to have meds, but most of us girls had ibuprofen and panadol in our backpacks ... I’m 99% sure I carried a fair few other meds like my prn nausea pills and in a tiny baggie taped inside my pencil case a half a 1mg Valium in case of major panic attack the nurses that I remember from my childhood are the nurses at my gp practice, most of them have been there for like 25+ years, all the pathology nurses know me on sight as miss disappearing veins and all the clinic nurses think I’m adorable (even now at 26 I get given a lollipop after my flu shot) .... additionally the nurse who looked after my brother when he had pneumonia, she was a tough lady and when my 3 year old bro refused liquid panadol for his fever she showed him the other way to take it (I think you see where this is going) and he never kicked up a fuss over liquid medicine again ... and the nurses that put up with teenage me when I had a week long telemetry, I cried so much and was rude as heck ... it was the nurses when I was 23 and in hospital for a month that made me want to be a nurse ... I bumped into a nurse from a recent hospital stay at a club they were covered in glitter and I was close to nude and it was hilarious when we acknowledged each other with a brief nod then pretended it never happened i imagine it might be hard to be tough on frequent flyers, I struggle to be firm or tough with patients when I need to cause I’m so nice and all butterflies and sunshine
  2. I have some interest in school nursing as a career but I’m an Aussie and it’s really not very common to have a school nurse, though in my first year of nursing school I remember getting an email about second year or higher students acting as an assistant nurse for a program trying to introduce health professionals to some primary schools but I want to know if any of the amazing and very funny peeps here were frequent flyers to either their school nurse or the front office of the school? And how do your schools help keep kids at school or at least up to date with school work? I was 300% the frequent flyer sort, except I’d just call mum on my mobile phone from the bathroom and rock up to the office when she arrived to pick me up, much to the office ladies annoyance, I did have legit medical issues that were sending me home and I was the most anxious kid, my school really went above and beyond to help me stay at school by allowing me to leave class and go to the library to do work or for my teachers to post home work for me instead etc... I had a multitude of hidey holes on campus that I could escape to

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