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    No. No drug issues or diversion or anything like that. I didn’t check a blood sugar within 15 min, a pt was on tpn q24 hours and instead of removing a new bag and hanging a new one at 8pm I allowed the current bag to hang and put up a new bag when the old one was completed, I hung the wrong fluids and it ran for 20 min before I caught the mistake, I also had a pt who was on a insulin pump who had had surgery and ended up going into DKA and had to be transferred to a higher level of care. These are the charges against me. I am doing my best to pray, meditate, work, do my homework as I am in a masters program at this time, eat and sleep (these have been very hard for me) and do everything my lawyer says. I have had my former coworkers write character letters for me and I have spoken to one of them in depth about how I feel and she has been an enormous support and comfort but I am terrified and completely embarrassed about having to tell those I reach out to about what is happening. I am doing my best to move forward in a positive light. This is the first time in 5 years my judgement and character have been under attack so it’s pretty devastating to be honest. I do appreciate all of your advice and suggestions and your kind words. So thank you!
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    I received this knowledge from my lawyer. I hired him because I was reported to the BON and they responded. I am being formally investigated at this time. I am very scared and feeling awfully low these last couple of days. I don’t know what to expect or what to do. Please keep me in your prayers.
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    Hi, I have been a nurse for over 5 years and have run into some bad trouble that I am doing my best to prepare for. I have never been in trouble before but about a year ago I worked at a local hospital that I thought would be a good opportunity for me to learn some new skills, I quickly realized that this was not the case. I was shunned by a majority of the nurses, I was almost bullied by others. I rarely could find help when I needed it as I was working in a facility with new equipment, technology, and computer system. Going to work became very stressful and I became depressed, confused and upset. I wasn't taking care of myself and stopped eating, sleeping, and taking fluids. I thought that if I just worked hard and proved that I belonged there that things would get better, but they got worse. I admit that I made mistakes. 4 actually and 3 of them were minor, the last one was more of a major mistake but the individual in the case was not hurt and I learned a valuable lesson. One week I was brought into the manager's office and was given papers that had every mistake that I had made from my time at orientation until that day when I decided once and for good to quit. She told me that I was being reported to the board for my mistakes and that I was "toxic" to the rest of the workers and that they had consistently reported to her that I was standoffish, sullen, and withdrawn when it came to interacting with the rest of staff. She also stated that I was "messy" with my nursing skills and that I didn't fit in with everyone else. I was devastated, I was shocked, and I was upset, to say the least. I put in my notice that day but of course, the damage was already done. I am currently looking for employment as I have hired a lawyer to represent me on my behalf with the board. I was told that I needed to find employment where I can be "supervised" as in a worst-case scenario I may have restrictions placed on me by the board. I currently work in home health and I know this is not a supervised position so I am now scrambling to find a job before I lose the one that I have. I am fighting depression and anxiety and I am in a master program that I am not even sure I should continue. You need a nursing license in order to use this degree anyway. Does anyone know of anyone else, or have you yourself gone through a situation like this and have any words of wisdom or encouragement? I am trying to be strong and pray and rely on my friends for support, those who know. I feel so embarrassed, and forlorn, and cry constantly so haven't shared this with many people. I'm hoping that maybe someone out there can offer me some comfort, in the least and may help me through this difficult time. Thanks in advance! You are appreciated more than you know!