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    Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    CNA here. If you think CNA work is demeaning, you have no idea how important CNAs actually are, especially in SNFs (skilled nursing facilities). I don't know what care facilities are like in other states, but at SNFs where I live CNAs are the eyes/ears/boots on the ground and care facilities would literally not run without us. Our work is the farthest thing from glamorous, but as Nurse Beth stated - it is absolutely an honor to care for those who are sick and dying. Some days are amazing. Some days are hard and frustrating. But you will learn so much.
  2. Hello all, I apologize if there are any topics exactly like this. I haven't seen one quite yet in search. I'm currently living in Oregon and working on fulfilling pre-requisites to either go the PA or NP route. It seems like NPs are favored in Oregon, and in fact my primary care provider is a wonderful FNP! I really love the PNW and would love to stay here and work. I'm wondering what the current job market is like for NPs in OR (or WA if you live there): Are you seeing issues with the job market being flooded like it is in other states? Are NPs truly favored over PA, and if so is that because legally NPs seem to have more autonomy overall in state? Are you happy with your current salary range? Any areas in greater need of NPs than others? Any other words of wisdom/advice you might have would also be welcome and appreciated. More quick background on me: I'm in my late 20's and healthcare will be my second career. I am NOT currently an RN, so I would likely end up working as an RN for a while before becoming an NP. A long(er) road, but I feel like it would be beneficial to have several years of experience under my belt as an RN before getting my MSN. My highest priority is getting a quality education that will allow me to be the best possible provider I can be to my patients. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give!