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    made an honest mistake

    I recently applied to a job position and realized I made a mistake on my resume. I realized it only after I had applied. I work on a med-surg tele/respiratory floor. And as far as everyone I've talked to, including our manager, all agreed that it is like an unofficial step-down despite being recognized only as a med-surg floor. Our hospital did away with the step-down unit years ago so they don't have to pay the differential. So, the mistake I made was that I listed our floor as Med/Surg Telemetry/Respiratory "Step down" unit...when in reality we aren't officially recognized as one. I did not do this with the intention to lie. This happened over a year ago per few of my ex-coworkers' advise (who had gone to different hospitals since) recommendation when I was updating my resume. They advise me to list it as a step-down unit since it really is like one. According to them, that's what they did on their resume too. I didn't think much and took their advice. When I applied for this current position, I focused so much on the grammar and other content in the resume I had overlooked this part. Having discovered it just now, I feel I should not have done that. I feel bad as if I'm trying to lie to get an interview, which was not my intention. I'm willing to accept the mistake and tell them, even if it means they don't want to interview me anymore. The recruiter from the hospital had just emailed me wanting to schedule a phone interview, how should I go about this? Everything else on my resume is true, except this "step-down" title, which I have deleted it on my revised resume now. Thank you for your time and advice in advance.