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  1. Hey Kelsey. Wondering if you could give me an idea as far as what your schedule looks likes. How often are you in class? what are your hours? days off?

    1. Kelsey_park


      Hey! Yes of course!

      So J1 semester isn’t all that bad honestly. :) You’ve got 4 classes as well as clinicals.

      Health Assessment is 7-8:50am on Mondays followed by a mandatory lab that you get randomly assigned at 1 of 3 times (9:15-11:15, 11:30-1:30 or 1:45-3:45).

      Care 1 is 9-12pm on Tuesdays. This one is directly linked to your clinicals!

      Pharm is 9-12pm on Wednesday followed by Patho 1-4pm. (This day is ROUGH between uncomfy seats and LOTS of material so bring snacks and coffee!).

      Fridays for the first 5(?) weeks are your Care 1 Clinicals day from 8-12. We have lecture from 8-10 then you go to your assigned lab room from 10-12. This class will “discontinue” and become your clinicals! You’ll be randomly assigned a hospital location (you’ll have the ability to switch with someone else who’s willing if you want to) based on how you answer a survey where you have the option of location or time (day) preference. Clinicals are 10 hours (6:30am-4:30pm) on thursday, friday or saturday for 6 weeks and you MUST attend them. 


      So days off..... LOL. I don’t have class on Thursdays, but I’m here anyways for study groups with my friends. My weekends are my only “free time”, so I usually sleep in a little but I still do plenty of homework and studying. I truly never see my family much at all but I’m one of the crazy dedicated ones. I stay late and get here early which definitely pays off. It’s a struggle but it’s completely worth it if you’re willing/able to do it.


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