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  1. usethehaldol

    Does Trump have Covid?

    Everyone I've seen over 70 and with Covid is on a vent.
  2. usethehaldol

    What does your username mean?

    As a paramedic I used to use sedation as a last resort until I got a judo kick to the face
  3. I'm either asymptomatic or the luckiest *** in the world because these patients are literally no precaution one day to "oh hes covid positive, move him to the negative pressure room." I mean we were all in these rooms 12 hours a day wearing no PPE at all. If this disease is that contagious, is it not reasonable to say most of us have already got it? Not that they are testing us unless we're half dead at my hospital anyways.
  4. usethehaldol

    Running the pump dry

    TL;Dr Is it okay to not run the pump dry? So I work in an ICU and a number of people have complained about pumps being run dry. For newbies like me who don't know; Running a pump dry is using up all the volume in a hung medication. Opposed to leaving just the right amount of in the drip chamber/tubing so you don't have to prime the tubing when you hang the medication again. You just spike the new bag with the old tubing and hop to it. I get it in continuous medications (duh) What about other medications? Isn't there 20 cc of medication in the drip chamber/tubing that you aren't giving each time you stop a med short? Is it somehow okay to not run medications dry? I only ask because the experienced nurses are the ones not running the pump dry and they probably know something I don't. I didn't ask yesterday because dude seemed genuinely pissed and I was trying my best not to drown.
  5. For me it doesn't matter. I'd start forming an opinion of a person that asked me this question though. But I'm an old crotchety bastard at this point.
  6. usethehaldol

    Keto diet & pills on ca probation

    Unless theres some new research Im not aware of, exogenous ketones dont speed up ketosis at all. You might be able to dodge keto flu at the very best. Most people in the keto community view exogenous ketones as a waste of money. But yeah, why risk it? I remember when the old C4 workout formula had basically adderall in it.
  7. usethehaldol

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    When is keto? Seriously all hospital food sucks though. If vegan options will get people eating I'm all for it. I assume they can balance required nutrition.
  8. usethehaldol

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Naw, shes gonna kill or at least maim someone for life. Stop her before its too late.
  9. I was originally under the impression nursing home RNs got paid A LOT more than hospital RNs. As a paramedic I would go to these facilities and there was usually 1 RN per "wing" of the nursing home. Caring for 20+? patients? So much medical hx to know and remember. Paper charting? I would assume the stress would be monumental. Everyone depending on you? TL;DR: What is the allure of working as an RN in a nursing home? I hear they get paid less than hospital nurses and I see the amount of patients they are legally responsible for. Props to you guys, I can barely handle two as it is.
  10. usethehaldol

    How does hospice care determine there is no coming back

    Her skin is tenting now and I tried to give her a teaspoon of water when she was briefly alert, against my own judgement, and even that was a struggle. So no more water. It is distressing that I cant give her anything to drink. I use moisturized to keep her mouth and lips wet. Last thing I want is to see her choking. Hospice Nurse is an RN, I have no question shes looking out for all of us. She really is amazing Shes super lethargic, Her urine output is still good. She just sleeps. When she looks like shes in pain I give PO morphine around the cheek, its all we have. 94 years is a good run. Thank you for all of your input. Hospice nurses are a different breed.
  11. I am not the power of attorney here. Hey guys. My grandmother is in the process of passing and I wanted to ask some questions on hospice care. I'm a new ICU nurse and a paramedic and I've never done hospice care. My Grandmother is 94ish and the major hx is middle stage dementia, CHF, and afib. I don't remember her ejection fraction but it was something low. Up until 4 days ago she could walk back and forth to the restroom (10ft?) but would have mild dyspnea. This was her baseline. So 2 days ago she fell twice and hit her head. No LOC, no external bleeding noted. Shes not on blood thinners. Hospice care came and said shes on the way out. Yesterday she had the coffee ground emesis. Now she'll try to open her eyes to voice and will occasionally scratch herself. Hot to the touch. I dunno guys, half of me wants to start some normal saline and call 911 but as I type I see that doesn't make sense. I guess I look at her and check her pulse it just looks like she has a fever and that I should be doing something besides giving a tylenol suppository.
  12. usethehaldol

    Regret after starting ICU?

    Phew. I thought I was the only one that felt lost. I really wish I woulda went straight to the ER. I thought I wouldn't mind handling 2 patients and three at the most. That was 6 drips and 3 pressors ago lol. Im getting better but every time I think I'm starting to get the hang of it, something new pops up. On the bright side if you can work in the ICU you can work anywhere. Is that actually true?
  13. usethehaldol

    Northside Hospital Atlanta Nurse Residency Summer 2019

    Is it true they only accept BSN? They acquired Gwinnett Medical last week as well.
  14. usethehaldol

    Summer 2019 Atlanta Nurse Residency

    How long did it take for them to call you after the online application? All I'm hearing is crickets. Maybe my resume is trash or something.
  15. usethehaldol

    How does first nurse residency effect the rest of my career?

    Alright. I was afraid I would be bored but seeing as to how I have limited practical experience in the area I may as well learn as much as I can. Thanks all.
  16. usethehaldol

    How does first nurse residency effect the rest of my career?

    Looks like taking med surg is going to delay me getting into critical care for a long time. Do all hospitals require nurse residency or is training from the ground up not a normal thing?

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