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  1. Definitely know how you feel, but I think you might want to hang in there. Give yourself some credit, you just started something totally new 6 months ago. It took me a solid 2 years to feel somewhat comfortable in the ICU. It doesn’t even sound like ICU is your problem, it sounds like the people. I would still try to give them a chance, but I know I would t be happy at a job with people I didn’t care for.
  2. rn409

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    I’m at work too!
  3. rn409

    Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Right there with you, I’m preparing myself
  4. rn409

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    As an ICU nurse, I do not feel superior to anyone unless they make no effort to be an effective caregiver. I just wanted to applaud you for your work, I know it’s tough (I’m definitely aware of how difficult some of the long term patients can be, and oh my goodness having more than 2 would be very difficult to manage). Thanks for what you do (or did)!
  5. rn409

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    I don’t think your MSN is going to help you here, but I don’t know what the flight companies you’re looking at have their expectations set at. Theirs must be different from what I’ve heard. I’ve known several people to become flight nurses, some have only ICU experience and some were ED experience. The ones who typically got the job the easiest were ones with a combination of both or RN ICU experience and EMT/paramedic experience. Have you talked to any recruiters about the best route?
  6. rn409

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    There is a total difference in expressing your reservations about nursing and pointing out things than giving them an absolute- saying simply do not to pursue it (due to your own unhappiness). I completely agree to make people aware of the challenges, but don’t discount it as a whole because you’re unhappy. There’s positives in every job. I say it’s selfish because people considering an occupation take it to heart when someone says such an absolute. It isn’t constructive. Does that make sense?
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    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Did someone say donuts??
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    Crossroad: need advice/thoughts on my route

    You’ll always have the opportunity to try for NP school afterward and may have a better feel for the type of specialty you would most enjoy.
  9. rn409

    Crossroad: need advice/thoughts on my route

    You should do what you think is right for you... but that is an awful lot of work and time for just a “back up career.” Will the money cover books and travel costs as well (for clinical days)? Time is so valuable to me I would not be willing to spend all that time getting to NP level if I wasn’t completely invested. If you feel really strongly about your dream to go to CRNA school, then do that. Talk to an admissions counselor to see what will give you the best chance. Get your CCRN, get observation hours. Make sure your grades are on par with their expectations. Retake classes if you have to. Several people I’ve known have gotten in the first time, and some have had to reapply and got in the second time or decided after shadowing a CRNA that it wasn’t what they wanted. If you do continue with the NP track then apply to CRNA school- it can come across as you being overqualified (they’re both, I think, equal level professionals regardless of the pay difference). Also, they’re going to ask you why you decided NP wasn’t for you. It’s just something you might talk to an admissions counselor about to see what their perspective might be.