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  1. freefall987

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Anaheim CA, (Orange County) - $29.50 base pay, $2.50 evening differential, $4.50 night differential for a New Grad on Telemetry/Step-Down. We are the lowest paying hospital in the area (but hospital jobs are so hard to get here as a new grad, so it is almost totally staffed with new grads (scary), and people usually stay in this hospital a year and then bounce). They are renegotiating our salary to start in September to be $38 an hour base pay, $2.50 evenings and $4.50 nights. Time and a half for OT.
  2. freefall987

    Pearson Vue Trick 2019 in California and Breeze Answers

    Ive heard from multiple posts of there being false negatives, but never a false positive. So if you get the bad popup, you may still pass and not to lose hope, but if you get the good popup, you're golden! hope that helps.
  3. freefall987

    Cali New Grad options

    If you do feel like moving back, Prime Healthcare hires new grads - but usually only if you go in for their "walk-in Wednesdays", they almost never look at online applications. I know a bunch of people who got a job doing that. Some even got on L & D! I got on with Tele. Hope this helps!
  4. freefall987

    Pearson Vue Trick 2019 in California and Breeze Answers

    Everything I’ve heard (and my own experience) is that you have to know someone to get hired in CA as a new grad in a hospital. Go sit in their lobby and make friends! Haha - otherwise it looks like nursing homes or labs are relatively easy for new grads. Also FYI - most places won’t look at your resume unless your ACLS is done and maybe even PALS and a telemetry cert. Happy hunting!!
  5. Hi Guys, So I decided I would post this to clear up some of the questions I had a hard time finding answers to while I was waiting for my NCLEX results. California does not participate in the 2 day Unofficial Results, so I was staring down a possible 6 weeks of worry. I spent a crazy amount of time trying to make myself feel better by reading posts like these, but while doing so I also came across some bad information that made me freak out. My stats: I was an A-B student in a post-bach 1 year BSN nursing program. I used Uworld to study for 3-4 weeks (YOU SHOULD USE UWORLD!!!!!) On average I was scoring between 50-75 on my quizzes (mostly in the 50's low 60's, which is, FYI, in the 78th percentile). You MUST read the rationales if you get things wrong! This is key. It also helps to read the rationales if you get things right because it'll provide additional information you may not have known. I walked into the NCLEX feeling tentatively confident since I scored in the 92nd percentile on the final two Uworld NCLEX Tests, but that changed about 10 questions into the exam. I walked out feeling like I failed and shitting so many bricks that I could have easily supplied the material to rebuild Pompeii. My test ended on 105. I started to really freak when it didn't shut off at 75 like everyone else in my class told me theirs did. I did NOT get a lot of SATA (maybe 1/5th?), so I was sure I failed since I thought those were the gold standard of hard questions to pass. On the drive home (aside from hyperventilating), I searched my email and got the "Now that you’ve completed the NCLEX Examination..." email that EVERYONE gets. This is not a good or bad email. Everyone gets it. Then I tried the Pearson Vue Trick when I got home about an hr after testing and I got the "good popup" that read "Another registration cannot be made at this time..". Please note: I put in ALL of my correct credit card information except for the expiration date. It will not take fake CC information besides the change in expiration (I tried). I did the Pearson Vue Trick multiple times a day, always getting the same popup. It never charged me, and it made me feel better. In my EXTENSIVE (anxiety-induced) research on the PVT, I did not come across anyone who put in their information correctly (key word is correctly) and got the good pop-up and failed. So no, there are NO FALSE POSITIVES! I DID come across some people who did it correctly and got a "bad popup" and actually found out later they passed, so if you get a bad popup..there is still hope. Ok next, for BREEZE (California) people. Breeze is the FIRST PLACE that will tell you if you passed or not. Not Pearson, and not the BON. Up at the top right corner when you are in your Breeze account it has "License/Registration Information". Your Nursing license number will populate here first and will say "License/Registration Number: #######" and "License/Registration Type - Registered Nurse", once your results have been entered officially. Under the "Manage your license information tab", if you click on the dropdown menu it MAY have populated with an option that says "RN Exam Repeat/Reapply Examination". THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU FAILED!!! I read a few posts on allnurses that said if this comes up and you don't have an option to pay for your license then its a bad sign and you failed. THIS IS FALSE. I GOT THIS POPUP AND I PASSED. From what I understand, this auto-populates when you finish your exam. Some people don't notice it because they didn't check before their results were entered. If your application still says "Pending" on Breeze, then they have not gotten to your account yet. "Pending" will disappear once they enter your scores in. Don't panic. One more thing - it will do you no good to check your Breeze account a million times a day. From my understanding they input all the scores during the day, and at midnight it goes live. I read this and it was true for me. I checked it last night at 12:15 and my license number appeared in the upper right corner. My number was not there at 11PM. It was also not on the BON. This morning I checked the BON again and my name appears with my license number now. FYI my name never appeared saying "Pending" on the BON. It was not there at all and then suddenly there. I took my test on Friday afternoon 2/1/19 and got my results at midnight the following Monday 2/4/19 (technically Tuesday morning). Takeaway: Pearson Vue Trick Works in 2019!!! "RN Exam Repeat/Reapply Examination" on your Breeze account DOENS'T MEAN YOU FAILED! Hope this clears some things up for someone else in a panic like I was!

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