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  1. Kaylen

    CFCC ADN 2018 applications

    I applied for this upcoming fall of 2019 and I passed the minimum score(s) on the PSB, but I am seeing everyones scores and I am sitting with 279.5 points Does anyone have any recommendations on improving my PSB score? (I have already kind of accepted the fact that I am not making it for this fall, sadly!)
  2. Kaylen

    CFCC 2019

    Hello! I took the PSB RN exam back in December and the counselors all said the scores vary from year to year. I was just reading a post and a few people had posted their points and the lowest points accepted was 334.. (I am not close to that, so now I am getting really nervous!!) It is hard to say what will get you in this fall! Good luck!!

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