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  1. Cedars Sinai New Grad May 2021

    I received my offer today as well! I'm sure there will be more to come!!
  2. Cedars Sinai New Grad May 2021

    Yes I assumed from this thread, and I also contacted him and the way it was worded it sounded like only alternates received the reference. Hopefully I am wrong and both receive the check, I'm so sorry if I made anyone nervous!
  3. Cedars Sinai New Grad May 2021

    Hi, I am an alternate as well as I received the reference check yesterday. Does anyone know if we are an alternate to all departments or only the specific unit you interviewed for? I know it's most likely only one unit but just wondering..
  4. Cedars-Sinai New Grad May 2021

    I’m interviewing with that unit as well, good luck to you!!
  5. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    I was #9!
  6. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    Hi all, It seems that some space has opened up because I was just sent an admission offer! Edit: I was able to get the schedule after all, thank you all and can't wait to meet everyone!!!!
  7. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    Congratulations and thank you for the updates!!!!
  8. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    Ahhhhh good luck!!!
  9. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    I got placed #9 on the waitlist. I really hope space opens up, good luck to you all!!!!!!
  10. New SFSU/CSM ABSN Spring 2019

    Hello! I believe this is a group interview, mine is at Wednesday at 1:45pm. So nervous!
  11. Hello, Is anyone planning on attending Edgewood College's ABSN this fall? I don't know much about the program or area, so if anyone has any information about the school it would be greatly appreciated. I am from the west coast contemplating relocatin...
  12. ETSU ABSN Summer 2019

    Hi All, Did anyone apply and get admitted to the Summer 2019 ABSN program at ETSU, and are you planning on attending? And if you know any good/bad things about the program I would be grateful if I could hear about that too! I am from the west coast a...
  13. Hello! Does anyone know if there are ever 3rd waves? I submitted my application before the priority deadline, but my AP scores were not sent until the 30th