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  1. Hey! I saw that you said you started the nursing program last semester at ccbc. I got into the day program at Catonsville. Are all the classes you’ll have to take laid out for students at orientation? I finished all my prerequisites so I was wondering what my schedule would look like. Any tips would be appreciated! 

    1. Ughnamesarehard


      I was in the online program at Catonsville, which was completely different than the Day program; we even had a different orientation from the Day program. I only briefly saw the orientation room for the Day people, but what I did see was several packets of orientation papers, and they had all of the text books laid out so people could take pictures of the ISBNs if they wanted to buy them online.

      From what I saw when passing in the hallways, the Day program looked great... very good teachers, a nice organized orientation, and good power points. That's actually why I am trying to switch to the day program, it seemed like the day students were way more knowledgeable and more ready for clinicals than the online students.


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