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  1. Can you send me a PM with your email and I will send you what I have, yes this process is incredibly frustrating for so many hard working VA nurses.  

  2. Hello, I appealed for my nurse 3 and got it back still denied.  I've had similar experiences with some people getting their nurse 3 with less experience and time in.  I've also noted that those that have been in our education have received theirs even after leaving education because of the dept being in such a turmoil.  I have a meeting with some boards members to discuss my appeal and denial.  At our hospital, the proficiency is such a secret and the managers have no idea how to get it either.  I wouldn't mind a sample of an approved proficiency or someone reading mine to guide me.

    1. IVRIS


      If you could send your proficiency to bhllc@live.com Id appreciate it. 

    2. RogueOneNurse


      Me too please at SouthenMedic@msn.com

    3. RNWPB45


      Would love a copy of the write up that got you the Nurse III. Angie.dennison@gmail.com

      Thanks so much.



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