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  1. Hi there! I found your account on the Loyola ABSN thread, do you mind if I ask a couple questions about the program? I just received my acceptance and would love to know how you are liking the program.

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    2. Davis_A


      - There is a pretty good mixture as far as age goes. I am also 22, there are a few people younger by a couple months, some my age and quite a few older. I would say the majority of people are between 22-27 while there are some who are older. But you don't really notice age once you are all doing the same thing and needing study groups!

      - I know, I was pretty bummed too. There are study guides for most classes. I think the only one that hasn't given us  a study guide is Nutrition? But we had someone in our cohort who made their own and sent it out to everyone. Luckily, in my experience there are enough resources that are given to help explain hard concepts that I haven't felt that a lecture would help me any more. 

      - Exactly! haha thats what most of us are saying to justify digging ourselves deeper into debt... I did student loans through FAFSA but a lot of people did private loans.

    3. scv181012


      Hi there!

      - How does your roommate like the in person program? Do you see any similarities between the two programs? Similar lectures?

      -  Have you spoken with any of the other cohorts who have already started clinicals? How are they liking it? 

    4. Davis_A



      - I believe she likes it. There are some communication errors and disorganization I think within her program a little bit too that frustrates her but she has always been able to work it out. The programs are very very similar since we have the same curriculum. Loyola made that really important that all of their nursing programs get the same education no matter the route it is learned. So the differences have to do with instructor preference and how they want to present the material. I've compared lectures with her and for some classes the slides are all the same, it is just a different instructor talking with them. We do the exact same things in lab, have similar tests (usually the same week) and sometimes have the same assignments. It makes it kind of nice to be learning the same things since I have friends in the Maywood program and we study together quite often. 

      - I have spoken with a couple of people briefly. For the most part, everyone says that first semester is the hardest because you're getting used to everything plus there is kind of a lot of busy work with the classes we have to take but once we move into clinicals and the classes for the rest of the program, it is a lot better. Clinicals I hear are really fun. You get hands on experience and actually get to interact with patients and see how it is all run. The people I've talked to say that it's the best part of nursing school and lives up to their expectations.


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