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  1. Hey all, just looking for advice. I'm graduating in May from an ADN program and just found out that my entire class already has jobs or interviews lined up. I'm the only one I know of who wants to work in pediatrics, and there is literally nothing available. We're in an area where we have the biggest hospital within 200 miles, and only 2 hospitals locally. Both say that "due to covid," whatever that's supposed to mean, they're only hiring GNs for ICU, ER, and med/surg. I went in to nursing intending to do PICU, peds, or L&D, usually all departments which take GNs at the local hospitals. I'm at an absolute loss as to how to move forward. I've looked everywhere within an hour in the surrounding area and no one is hiring GNs for anything not already mentioned. The only other option is pediatric home health, which I wouldn't mind doing, but my friends who graduated last semester all tried it and never get called for any hours. Obviously I'll apply for that and hope for the best, but what else can I do? Is it better to wait until I pass NCLEX and apply for RN jobs, or will they still view me as a GN since I don't have any experience? Jobs are usually so easy to come by here, especially in the pediatric field, and never in a million years did I expect this to happen. I feel so discouraged. I've called recruiters at both hospitals and they never returned my calls. Every job I've applied for has rejected me within 1 day because I'm applying as a GN and no one wants me. I'm really not sure where to go from here.