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  1. Valencia Fall 2019

    Did anyone receive anything else from Valencia after they accepted their seat? Just wondering if there was supposed to be an automated response. For those waitlisted-I got a call for Summer the day before orientation, it is still possible to get a sp...
  2. Valencia Fall 2019

    Hi! Did anyone else accept their seat to the concurrent program? The email says it is for Osceola Campus but the orientation is at West Campus. I’m pretty sure concurrent is only at West so I am a little confused ? congrats everyone ?
  3. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    For future applicants: overall 3.86/prereq 4.0/teas 78.7 - denied to Orlando campus, transfer from Valencia that’s right guys you can apply to the concurrent program in May if you are waitlisted/denied. It’s basically the same pre reqs. In hindsight...
  4. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    Hey! My status also changed to eligible, this is going by fast! I am worried because my TEAS is only 78. I’m just glad I get an opportunity to be considered. ?
  5. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I’ve been really nervous since I submitted my application even though it’s a smooth process ? This Friday will be 3 weeks since the deadline, almost halfway there!
  6. UCF traditional BSN 2019

    I have that hold as well as the orientation. I had to copy paste the link from the document and I eventually found the online website where you can upload documents. I’m just going to wait to see if I’m accepted before I start that process.
  7. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    I haven’t received anything either and I applied December 18th. I’m assuming after the first applicants have two days to accept or deny, they’ll fill in the open spots from those who declined and then start waitlisting people for fall.
  8. 2019 Fall UCF Traditional

    Hi! I applied the first day for the Orlando campus and now I’m just waiting for my pre reqs check mark to appear, at least the other three are green. I’m a transfer and my degree audit still isn’t updated. Waiting is the worst! ?
  9. Valencia College 2019 Orlando

    Hi guys! Are any of you also going to apply to the UCF or concurrent program? I’m so glad Valencia offers this, waiting to see if you even get accepted to the other ones is the worst! I applied for summer after fall grades were released so I don’t re...