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  1. TheAngryMan

    TEAS exam preparation tips?!

    Practice like you are taking the test. Use only an online calculator to simulate test conditions. Like all tests you ace it before you go in. Don't accept a score of less than 90% on your practice exams. Better to be over prepared than dissapointed.
  2. TheAngryMan

    Pre-Nursing for CA student at community college

    I don't think anyone was trying to put down an ADN program. I just know that in LA county, the Cal States fill up quick. I would also argue that the CC programs here are also extremely competitive ( SMC and PCC in particular).
  3. TheAngryMan

    Pre-Nursing for CA student at community college

    In CA both BSN and ADN are very competitive...I took classes with very bright kids that didn't make it. The good news is that while B's aren't great...they aren't terrible. If you take chem or A&P again and get an A, you'll be fine. I also know some people who got thier BS in biochem or health science instead of nursing and applied to an ABSN program after and got in easily. Also , it may be tough, but consider cutting back on work. You may have to take out loans( don't borrow too much)...but if it helps you get a lifelong career that pays well, then it's worth it. Like other poster said...try an ADN program or major in something else that's science related and try an ABSN program. Also kill on the TEAS...if you study it's not that hard to do well.
  4. TheAngryMan

    Seattle is Dying

    Has less to do with government leadership and more to do with the population that elects them. Los Angeles for example had the opportunity to pass rent control...yet "liberal" Angelinos voted no. Hipsters open up expensive coffee shops in historical low income neighbor hoods and drives up the rent for former residents...forcing them onto the streets or further out Into to the boonies. People complain about the homeless problem, but are unwilling to pay more in taxes or take in less revenue to accommodate low income housing. Study after study shows that a "housing first" approach, works to get people back on thier feet, yet thier fellow citizens are unwilling to help out. Pennywise, pound foolish.
  5. TheAngryMan

    Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I'm in a similar boat. I stopped working at my old desk job and became a PT aide to learn how to rehab myself better. Here are my thoughts: 1.) Inactivity will make it worse. Consistent high quality physical therapy, is the only long term solution.You should be going to PT 3x a week until symptoms improve. Not once every two weeks. Not once a week... 3x a week. 2.) A chiropractor, pain doc, dark wizards, the internet are not physical therapists. YouTube is also not a physical therapist. I worked for several pain docs as a scribe. They don't have many long term solution for pain. Most of what we did... surprise, was writing prescriptions for PT after the inevitable epidural, RF ablation, cortisone injection failed to provide relief. 3.) All Physical therapists are not the same. Like any profession, there are some terrible ones. Make sure they have thier DPT( new standard) and preferably have done an orthopedic residency or at least have thier OCS certification. 4.) You can recover. I broke my back, had a crap load of setbacks and I am now back to submission fighting/ MMA ,working as a PT aide and an EMT with heavy patients. Be smart and stay hopeful. Good luck. You will not see instant results , but they will come if you are consistent with PT. Stay positive.
  6. TheAngryMan

    Sitting down - New nurse looking for advice

    I'm in a similar boat. Inactivity will make it worse. Consistent high quality physical therapy, is the only long term solution.
  7. TheAngryMan

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    There are probably people here better equipped that I to answer this than I; but it seems as of last time I was there (Christmas) most areas are now fairly safe and accessible. Your best bet to be close might be Longwood/ Roxbury. As long as you live close to the Green line D train stop or an a stop near a train that goes to Copley / DT crossing, for a transfer you should be good. The only place that might be a bit rough is south end near Boston medical center...but my sister just moved there and says it's changed. The downside of the above is it's alot more expensive now. I'm moving back from LA, and I was surprised to find Boston is now more expensive than Los Angeles. Hope this helps.
  8. TheAngryMan

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Truer words never spoken my friend. Worked at a major aerospace company as a spacecraft engineer. We literally had a big company wide meeting. I thought we got a new NASA contract....nope. The new announcement was literally "The Box...2.0".
  9. TheAngryMan

    MCPHS Fall 2019 ABSN Program

    Not sure how many people they take, but they took about a week to get back to me.
  10. That's an Interesting perspective. I have a degree in physics and engineering...and im still freaking out about the ABSN program in the fall. If anyone has a previous BS in a physical science or engineering, I'd be interested in your nursing school take.
  11. TheAngryMan

    I've had enough.

    I've suffered from depression too. After seeking treatment, it becomes like night and day. If you break your ankle badly, you need a cast and physical therapy, no? Same thing here...your "brain" is sprained. Think of SSRIs as a cast and psychotherapy as physical therapy.