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  1. micropiglover102

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    Hi! I'm currently in MSU ABSN program. I don't have a child or a family so its difficult to say from my end, however, I know there are people in the program who are married or have kids. The individuals I've talked to have either their parents taking care of the kids or husband who stays at home. If you want to message me, I can tell you a more detailed, day-to-day schedule of the program so far.
  2. micropiglover102

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    I feel like it will end up being around the same time. I considered calling and asking but I'm sure we will find out soon enough! Have you applied anywhere else?
  3. micropiglover102

    MSU Accelerated Nursing

    I also applied. I'm getting so impatient waiting!