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SarHat17 has 9 years experience as a ADN and specializes in CVRU, Intermediate.

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  1. SarHat17

    Over Nursing

    ^^This! When I started, we had a "brain/SBAR" sheet for each patient. I used that for notes/etc on each patient, but made a sheet that had very basic boxes for each of the potential 6 patients I would have overnight. (Called it "My Brain Sheet" I thi...
  2. SarHat17

    Bedside report - hate it? Like it? Love it?

    Other people visiting in the room would possibly have questions/responses to sensitive information (not to mention that it would be inappropriate to share this information to whoever else besides the patient is in the room in the majority of situatio...
  3. SarHat17

    ADN or BSN?

    Here's my recent situation to consider if it's helpful! I have my ADN (and the program was definitely not easy or less stressful) and have been researching/considering going back for BSN vs MSN. My future opportunities are hugely opened up with ...
  4. SarHat17

    Why sterile water for PEG tube?

    We recently had a process/policy change at our hospital. The RD explained that their practice and policy changed (at the national/international level) to cover water used in PEG tubes, etc, because while tap water may be appropriate and safe in one c...
  5. SarHat17

    RN no experience raising kids

    IMO, I agree with waiting on further schooling for now. It sounds like you are interested in working, just trying to figure out how to juggle family activities and childcare with a job. Depending on how long your husband is away with his job, you wil...
  6. SarHat17

    Please tell me it’s just Medsurg!!

    I'm not sure it is everywhere (in my experience). Depending on how critical or high acuity patients are on your unit, it definitely makes a difference in your ratios. When we changed to a lower ratio Intermediate floor, it noticeably affected my feel...
  7. SarHat17

    Should I call the doctor for a BP of 175/72?

    @MunoRN I think this could get sticky, depending on the context and interpretation. (I'm not referring to current treatment trends of BP in the hospital.) Using my clinical judgement to call on a patient with an "elevated" BP to let the Dr evalu...
  8. SarHat17

    Day orientation... Yay! Night orientation...not so much

    Consider a longer orientation as a bonus, instead of a "punishment?" (I HOPE your hospital doesn't present that as punitive!) It's really difficult to switch back and forth in such a short time; it's really strange they are doing it all mixed in this...
  9. Are you on-call or expected to be available to address these needs on Saturday and Sunday? It's likely a yes/no question. Ask your supervisor or HR for confirmation. If no, then every single call needs to be re-directed to the on-call person ass...
  10. SarHat17

    Failed orientation, now what?

    I started on that unit as a new grad, and (before we moved into a remodeled tower) the EMU generally was staffed by one more experienced RN and a newer RN, plus a CNA. Once we moved into the new tower, the EMU was one whole floor, and staffed just as...
  11. SarHat17

    Tips to improve morale

    My first reaction to previous posts was 1. every reply is negative, and 2. I agree with most of it. We were all asked for similar ideas regarding morale and resiliency recently, and while I am more in the Susie Sunshine camp, I know they were as...
  12. SarHat17

    Failed orientation, now what?

    I started as a new RN on the Neuro floor (inpatient, not outpatient or clinic). We had 3 "floors" for Neuro, and one almost exclusively focused on epilepsy patients/diagnoses/pseudoseizures, etc. Having solid experience on the outpatient side could g...
  13. SarHat17

    Urgent: Need advice please🙁

    Where I work, we have N95s available, along with Level 3s and Level 1s (to change and protect the Level 3 or N95 we wear with all patients.) Requirement is to wear a Level 3 (with Level 1 over it) in all patient care areas. N95 or Papr in Covid rooms...
  14. SarHat17

    RN coworker discouraged me

    Calling someone a hypochondriac and crazy does not fall under "constructive criticism." I'd be tempted to reply back with the actual definition of "constructive criticism," which definitely does not include labeling someone with a disorder or calling...
  15. SarHat17

    New Nurse having trouble with CNA

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I don't have experience in the ICU (regarding positioning for ICP), but in regards to the BP cuff, you could reply, "It's important to be able to make frequent adjustments and monitor the patient's BP very close...