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    Wondering What My Next Step Should Be

    Hi All, New nurse here. I am currently in my 7 month of nursing, as a Hospice Nurse Case Manger at a small-mid size for-profit company. There are many things I love about my job: the hours/day (M-F, 9-5), my caseload (17 pt), I have some amazing pts and their families (though some not so great :), same pay as the hospital floor, coworkers that I respect and learn from. About a month ago, my company underwent some changes that have made me uncomfortable: pushes to keep pts that have improved and no longer meet medicare guidelines for hospice, refusal to provided basic comfort medications that fit pt hospice diagnosis due to cost saving measures (i.e. BP meds for cardiac pts or zofran for cancer pts), and lack of resources for my rural/bad-area-of-town pts. This is a very new change; there was a change of DON a couple months ago that be the reason. (Many experienced rn's left during this change. Company is mostly RN < 1 year experience). There has been a couple management changes, as well, on how we communicate and chart that is related to an ongoing investigation (and rumored government audit). I do not see the situation getting better. My question is this. I am 8 weeks pregnant. My husband works, however I make more currently. I would like to have 1 year RN experience under my belt before the baby comes. My family members who are in healthcare, are warning me to change jobs so I do not get caught up in Nursing Boards/Government Audits or at the very least keep copies of emails/notes. What would you do if this was your situation? Thank You !!!!