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  1. Bearcat-RN

    Already feel like giving up

    I’m sure it seems impossible now, but you will land that first nursing job. I would suggest reaching out to some of the individuals who have interviewed you and seeing what their reasons were for passing on you. They may or may not tell you, but its definitely worth a shot. Another suggestion I have is to use your connections. If you are an internal transfer, ask a nurse or manager who you trust and knows your strengths reach out to other managers/HR and put in a good word for you. I live in a pretty big city with over 10 hospitals in a 15 mile radius, and its amazing how tight-knit the nursing community is. A good reference could be the difference maker. Good luck and do not give up. Your struggle now will make your future successes that much better.
  2. Bearcat-RN

    Late to clinical

    Feeling awful like you do is normal. Sounds like an honest mistake, and that you are going to take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. As long as you don’t become a repeat offender (had one of those in our cohort), you’ll be fine and soon you will forget this ever happened. Good luck!
  3. Bearcat-RN

    Only using Uworld to study?

    I mainly used UWorld and passed in 75 questions the first time. As others have already said, make sure you are reading the rationales and truly understand why you got the question right or wrong. I didn’t make any flash cards or write anything down, just not my personal style. One problem I had was I would do so many questions (like 300+ per day) that my brain started to feel fried and it seemed like it was becoming counterproductive. I think 75 or so per day is a perfect amount. Also, I paid the extra money for the self assessment and thought it was well worth the money as it gives you an idea of where you stand. Good luck!