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  1. Georgetown CNL Fall 2019

    I just got my acceptance letter today too! I'm in a slightly different boat than a lot of the programs people are trying to choose between. I am choosing between GU's program, and a one-year intensive second Bachelor's degree program at Drexel in Phi...
  2. Georgetown CNL Fall 2019

    Same! I applied to UMD, GU, Johns Hopkins, and Drexel
  3. Drexel ACE Fall 2019

    Hi! I submitted my application on Nov. 22, and I got my acceptance on Jan. 25.
  4. Georgetown CNL Fall 2019

    Hi! I also applied last month, and I ran out of time (my words were cut off) during one of the questions for the video interview, so I also thought that it was awkward. Even though I completed the video interview on Jan. 7th, my application still say...
  5. Drexel ACE Fall 2019

    Hi everyone! I just got my acceptance letter, on 1/25, a little late to the game. I was hoping I would be able to find a thread for the ACE program here, super glad I did!!

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