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  1. SacTownGirl

    UCSF MEPN 2019

    Ughhh! I was hoping to find out soon! Lol Thank you! For finding out! I’ll relax a bit now till next week!
  2. SacTownGirl

    UCSF MEPN 2019

    The wait is so stressfull, hope we hear back soon!
  3. SacTownGirl

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    Hi guys I had a question Im currently working in the ICU, but I have MSN, masters entry program in nursing, did not have a bachelors in but Iam a registered nurse. Im planning for the future and would like to apply to a CRNA program, but Ive noticed all the requirements say BSN. Can I still apply?
  4. SacTownGirl

    UCSF MEPN 2019

    Hi guys! I had my interview on the 25th for AGPCNP. Does anybody know when they will decide by? And will it just show up under application status online? Good Luck to everyone!

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