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    job forcing app on personal phone

    My job in home care is forcing us to download an app (crescendo connect) to our personal phones to track us (I think?) To verify our visits . I already hate that I use my personal number to call clients BC they contact me 24/7 ... :( and its my phone bill... I don't feel comfortable having my job have access to my location at all times , there is no policies that they have made up for us to sign, and when we complain that it takes data , they say that it takes a second to clock in and out . (I've never used this, wouldn't it need to be on the whole visit? Anyone know) . Oh and the patient will sign the touch screen of our phone (ewww.) This seems wrong and unfair to me .. am I over reacting ? It also requires me to update my phone (an old I phone 3 or 4 I haven't updated BC I heard updates slow your phone down. And I personally choose not to) Maybe I'm the only one uneasy?

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