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  1. Yes I did! Not sure why you had that issue, but best of luck and thank you very much!
  2. nursejdr

    NYU ABSN Spring 2019

    Hi everyone, Congratulations to those who got into the program! I applied priority for NYU's ABSN Fall 2019 program. I just have a few questions for anyone who can answer: 1. How long did it take for you to get accepted? I've gotten accepted to a few schools already, but NYU seems like they take a while to review your applications. 2. Did anyone get financial aid packages yet and would like to share their stats? I'm curious as a needs-based student how much the finances are ultimately coming down to for the program? 3. Does anyone know anyone in the program and would like to share their experience with staff, cost, intensity of course, courses etc.? I'm really torn on my decision and confused as to wait for NYU's decision which will be after my deposit deadlines. Such a hard situation!
  3. Does anyone also know anyone in the program and their experiences? I understand the program is fairly new, but there are not that many reviews on the program, classes, intensity, teachers, clinicals, cost etc. I'm also a bit concerned since it is a hybrid program.
  4. Hi everyone, I applied for the Fall program and got accepted a few weeks ago. How long did you all receive your financial aid packages after? If anyone doesn't mind, can they share their scholarship/fafsa information? I'm trying to get an idea of the prices for the program once aid is invested.
  5. nursejdr

    Phillips school of nursing NYC Fall 2019

    Hi, I got in as well! I just received my official acceptance, but awaiting my financial aid package. Did you apply to any other schools that you are waiting on? Are you planning on committing?