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  1. LadyBSNRN

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    Thank you, neuro and medically complex.
  2. LadyBSNRN

    NYU Fall 2018 New Grad Nurse Residency

    I had a phone interview and was in touch with a recruiter from October, she informed me there was a freeze and that new grad positions would start opening up mid Dec./ early Jan. She told me to check in with her the 1st week of Dec, I did and still nothing was open and she told me she would check-in with me in a few weeks. Fast forward to mid Jan I was set up on two interviews on separate units and had to take a med math exam at HR, I was given an offer last week and start March 4th. Remember to include your GPA on your resume, recruiters will not look at an application if it is not included. Also, your GPA must 3.5< for a new grad to be hired into the organization. Good luck to all!!

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