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    So I ended up choosing this program and am currently enrolled. I'm working full time as an RN and attending here on their fulltime track for BSN. It is definitely doable as FT study and FT work. More or less its a discussion topic every week with responses to other posts, and a 3-5 page paper maybe every 3 weeks per class. I don't really have a frame of reference since this is the only BSN program I've attended, but listening to some of my coworkers talk about their BSN programs, the workload is comparable. Some of my coworkers had awful experiences at GCU so I would avoid them. The layout of the classes is in 8 week increments. So you can take 4 classes in a semester, but you do 2 of those classes for the first 8 weeks, then 2 more for the second 8 weeks of the semester. I've enjoyed this format since if you don't like a class you only have to deal with it for 8 weeks. I chose NMHU because they had cheap tuition, were accessible about getting enrolled and started with the program, and were the most flexible of all the schools in terms of getting me prior credit for the classes I had already taken.
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    Anybody have any experience dealing with New Mexico Highland University's online RN-BSN program? Would you recommend it?

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