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  1. Yes, I got an acceptance email also! I am not sure about Belmont University, my husband works in Knoxville and we live an hour away so I am deff going to UT becuase then we will both live close to work and school! I hope to meet all of you soon! I am sure you will hear soon Cammie!
  2. Friends? Did you all get emails yet?
  3. Hey! Thank you for the information. You are right and they prob changed the application process since 5 years ago haha! So you to a video interview? Do you think everyone got that or only some? And yes, most deff eager to know. I heard we should know this week as well. Good luck to you too!
  4. Awesome, I signed up for one of the virtual events. Thank you so much! Will keep in touch.
  5. I go to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. I graduate in May. So hopefully I can go in for my interview, It would be worth the drive. Oh what information sessions, when are those?? Can you post the link about them here? I will make it to one for sure.
  6. Hello! So great to hear from someone else! Yeah I saw that post also, I thought it would be sooner also. I have to move to Knoxville if I get it, which I am very excited about but I am not going to until I find out so I'm getting anxious. Do you live in Knoxville? Hopefully I can meet you soon :)
  7. Hello future nurses! Just wondering if there are any other applicants out there who applied to University Of Tennessee Accelerated BSN program starting in May/June 2019? We could keep each other up to date on the application process? I haven't heard anything yet, although I know the application only closed a few weeks ago.
  8. Krissy22

    University Of Tennessee Accelerated BSN Acceptance

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the phone interview was like? and when you all found out about a decision?

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