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    NAU FNP Summer 2019- anyone else?

    After some lengthy discussions with my husband, I decided on NAU! I still won’t hear from the other schools until March, but decided that the part-time schedule is actually a blessing in disguise as it will allow me to do school online and continue to work as a nurse for two more years so can get vested at my job before moving to AZ for the clinical portion of the program. I work for “the great Mayo Clinic” in Rochester, MN, so getting vested first was important to me so I have the option to come back after finishing school and pick up where I left off. @Campfirekitten what has steered you towards choosing GCU? For me, not being from AZ, having clinicals set up is vital because I don’t have connections there. That seems to be the primary way people find preceptors when they must find their own.

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