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  1. xueb1

    Holy Family University ABSN Spring 2020

    I saw that the deadline changed to 8/23/19. What is priority deadline and when was that?
  2. I'm looking at their ADN program but I can't find many reviews. Has anyone gone here and can tell me what they thought of it?
  3. Hi, everyone! I graduated with a B.A. in Psych 2 months ago. I'm looking to go back to nursing school. I don't think I can handle the intensity of an ABSN program, so I believe I have 2 choices: - Go to community college to get an ADN, 1-2 years. Don't work, apply for an RN-BSN program right after and get degree in 1-2 years? I believe I can do this in 3 years, 4 if I'm unlucky. I feel like this is the easiest and most secure route. - Do my prerequisites at community college and then apply into a junior level of BSN programs. People told me this is the most efficient but I feel like it would take the same amount of time as an RN-BSN program What are the pros and cons of each? Thanks guys
  4. Hi, I recently graduated from university with a BA in Psych. I want to go to a 4-year program to get a BSN, and I can probably cut the time down to 2-3 years. I believe ABSN programs would be too intense for me. I know that TCNJ's BSN program is very competitive, I was wondering how much of an advantage would having a BA in Psych have for me in terms of getting accepted into the program?

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