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    Passed NCLEX, Second Attempt

    I promised myself to write a review if I passed.. So here it is.... Taking the nclex like a month after finishing school seemed like a great idea at the time... everything is fresh in my head. (Wasn’t a good idea) lol! So my studying consisted with NCSBN.com (I believe that’s what it’s called... the ones who make the NCLEX questions) and probably studying the same week of the exam... super cramming! (Not the best idea). So when I went in I was just super super .... super anxious! I sat down and while doing the questions, I did not remember anything... I mean anything. Like the simplest thing I couldn’t put together in my head because of my nerves. Walking out after 235 questions, I knew for sure I failed. It was so upsetting. I finally got my results to confirm it! I was so depressed afterwards. I stopped talking to my friends and family and went completely MIA for a bit. But then I told myself... “gosh, I made it through nursing school”... the toughest of it all! “I can pass this exam” so I buckled down! Threw away all previous notes.. went to staples bought new pens, new notebooks, highlighters. It was game time!! I also purchased Uworld, the LaCharity book, Saunders. So with Uworld I sat down and did all the questions (about 75-150 a day), read and wrote down notes on the rationales even if i got them correct. The LaCharity book- i did all the questions reading the rationales on all questions. (Only the chapters not the case study) Saunders Book- only read and took notes on maternal and peds (my weakness) I also used a study guide floating around in the allnurses forum... 35 page study guide. Mark K audio recordings and did notes. And alot... ALOT of prayers!! The second attempt going in. I felt a bit more confident but still nervous of course. I would literally stop every 10-15 questions to pray! It helped with my anxiety! I stopped at 86!! With 7 SATA, 2 EKG, 2 put in order ones.. no maths. I seriously thought i failed!! 7 SATA?! I left the center thinking I will have to start doing HURST, and other studying stuff. I wanted to cry. Sat down in my car, took a deep breath and did the pearson VUE trick. I got the good pop up!! It was such an amazing feeling. I felt like nothing i studied was on the Nclex. However, uworld helped me alot with breaking down questions. LaCharity helped me with breaking down delagations and prioritization questions. Mark K ... gosh, I heard that man in my head throughout my whole exam. He is awesome!! Moral of the story, do not be discouraged if you failed the first try. It is completely doable! Just focus on the goal and study!!