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    Is it wrong to ask

    IF the patient felt moved to nominate you, they would do it whether you asked them or not. No, in my humble opinion, it is not okay. Almost like pressure tactics to score an extra bonus off of their misfortune / poor health. I'm sure that you weren't being malicious, but, it could be perceived that way by your patient or his/her family. I will playfully / laughingly say "well make sure you tell the boss" if a patient brags on my care or diligence, but never would I shove a nomination form in their faces and say "here fill this out and make sure you say how good I was". The idea of a Daisy is okay, but, let's not focus on the rewards......rather..... focus on the reason. Why do you go to work everyday? Why do you put up with abusive patients, egotistical doctors, and complaining families? You do it hopefully to make a difference, and because you care. Do you need a Daisy to prove that? I think not. Focus on the care and healing, and your patients will let it be known. They will request you as their nurse on each admission or ER visit. They will tell their families, who will tell their friends, who will tell someone else. It will get back to your supervisors if you are doing a good job, and/or if you are deserving of any awards.