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  1. I have failed A&P three times. Yes, three. First semester I tried but I didn't understand it at all, I was going to withdrawal but my advisor & professor said otherwise, that there was still a lot more left for me to get my grades up but by the time I kept struggling and failing, it was too late to withdrawal. I did great in labs but horrible in lectures. Second time, I got a D with that same teacher. At this point, I was devastated because I was sure I would get at least a C since my lecture grades were so much better than last semester.Again though, great in labs/ quizzes but bad in lectures, failing some test. Third time and this time even my roommate had taken it with me ensuring someone to study with and pass with. Again the results were the same. Failure. Because of this failing grade, my GPA is also not so good. I've been researching, mostly online , watched videos, looked over at some programs (which just made me depressed to no end) and I don't know what to do anymore and I've even fell back now..I'm the first of my family to go to college, a lot of things I didn't know... I know now and learned the hard way. From what I've gathered so far, twice was the mark and no nursing program will take me because of the constant failing. A lot of people have told me to take a break from a&p, that taking it back to back is sometimes what causes so much stress and anxiety...I do so well in all the work except the tests... I just.. don't know...and I want to get into a nursing program! This upcoming semester... I've decided to take Statistics to get a A or B. Also planning to take A&P 2. And I was watching videos of nursing students and their rise to the top, many say do not give up...but at this point should I? The advisors there are not helpful, the people around me haven't gone to college. My friends are having issues of their own regarding the nursing program...All I have is research I've done via the internet and other things, please tell me what you honestly think and no need to spare my feelings. I need to here it straight... so I figure out what I can do...Thank you.