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  1. WbeRNGOAL

    CSULB Spring 2021

    I sent it the night of and didn't get anything yet, but honestly let's just take a deep breath and trust the system. Everything will be made clear next month, so in the meantime, let's just relax and enjoy what we got left before the stress begins.
  2. Hey all, I was recently accepted into CSULB's nursing program, and I AM ANXIOUS/EXCITED two months before starting! There are just a few questions I want to ask all you hard-working student nurses! 1. Will being a male student nurse negatively affect my experiences during school? 2. What should I brush up on before nursing school? (Anatomy, physio, micro, etc..) 3. What are some resources I can use to essentially get a jump start to 1st-semester material? (I have no social life right now due to covid in my area D:) 4. How will clinicals be for someone who never had them? (CNA program was mainly sims due to covid) 5. How is CSULB's nursing program/job outlook for grads? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and any more advice would be much appreciated!
  3. WbeRNGOAL

    CSULB Spring 2021

    Got confirmation from Nancy that a webcam is required as well as docs being okay to use.
  4. WbeRNGOAL

    CSULB Spring 2021

    Does anyone know if we need a webcam for the zoom meeting or if we can use docs?