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    Privacy when calling parent about sick child

    To answer several questions, There is the Nurse and an office assistant (non-RN) in the office. This was the regular school nurse. I actually find the substitute to be easier to work with and she WILL put the child on the phone. My daughter that day was dealing with gas pain as I suspected and I brought her gas ex which helped. I have spoken with her in the past on phone and have always ended with my child to get back on with the nurse to let her know what I think or plan to do. I do think it's wrong if I specifically ask to speak privately and I am denied. The nurse knows of the injury since it initially happened. I have kept them up to date, along with gym/class teacher, social work and school psychologist. I will take it up with the school principal or further. IMO It's as simple as adding an additional phone line if you don't want the kids on yours and you can listen in. Unfortunately I deal with her often because my daughter takes ADHD meds . I also didn't like it when the nurse said her dose should be higher because "she's older this year and it's increased as they get older" I just politely responded that her NP in Neuropsychology and I feel the medication is appropriate and she responds well at this dose. Thank you for your opinions. Sad that there is nothing standard to fall back on regarding privacy, but I'll make sure going forward her privacy is respected.
  2. My 8 yr daughter has been dealing with issues from what is a traumatic injury to her perineum which required 2 surgeries to repair. She's having BM issues and was in nurses office. I received a phone call saying that she had pain and wanted to come home. I asked the nurse to let me speak with her and I was told "I'll put you on speaker phone" I told her not to as the questions I wanted to ask my daughter were private. The nurse told me that she does not allow students to use her phone as she does not want the flu, and put her on speaker. I told her once again, please take me off speaker I want to speak to my daughter privately and was again denied. I then went to the school to see my daughter and manage the situation. Can anyone please tell me if there is any privacy act that would cover phone calls? While I was there I had to listen to other parents talking to their kids on speaker. I don't think this is fair to any child. I cannot find anything specific in HIPPA or FERPA. Seeing other posts regarding privacy with head lice checks etc, I've seen that go on as well right in front of other students. I've seen kids with bloody noses sitting on a bench, others lying on cots in full view, obviously ill and waiting for pick up. I have to deal with the nurse regularly since my daughter takes daily meds. I'm hesitant about kicking the bee hive but feel strongly that I should be allowed to have a conversation with my daughter with out a room full of kids/adults hearing it. Before I approach the school principal I would like to find information that would back up my thoughts that she is not considering privacy especially when specifically asked for from the parent. If this is normal practice, please let me know as well. Thank you.