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  1. rachelalexis23

    Hesi A2 Lehman college accelerated Summer 2019

    So i focused so much on math i didnt realize how hard the grammer portion would be!! Still got an 88 in grammer. Know parts of speech etc. Math was alot of proportions. Know how to multiply fractions etc. Got asked alot of questions about gallons and pints and ounces, things like that. Look up 4 G's in a queen, drew that on my scratch paper as soon as i sat down. Made a 94 in math and a 92 in reading, which was the opposite of what i expected. I should have brushed up on my A&P a little more, but figured since I made an A in that class that i would ace that, i didnt make an A in that on the hesi though i made an 88, which i am ok with, but still a little disappointed. Biology portion was fairly easy imo, but maybe thats because i have taken general biology for science majors, along with the biology concepts taught in A&P and microbiology. It was mostly basic questions about things like the parts of the cell and photosynthesis etc. I made a 96 in the biology portion
  2. rachelalexis23

    Advice on drama, bullying and negativity

    The fact that people that are supposed to be adults still act like this is truly appalling. Someone with that kind of attitude will not last in the real world. You are doing the right thing by ignoring this behavior. I really cant comprehend why someone with this attitude would want to be a nurse to begin with. I know school can be competitive and sometimes younger immature girls can be snarky, but there is zero excuse for such ridiculous behavior, and whats more, is that the other girls are going along with it! Ugh dont worry, she is going to get a dose of reality when she is expected to behave like a mature, caring human being. Karma always comes around!
  3. rachelalexis23

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Thanks! It looks like they count the lab for anatomy and physiology as a seperate class? So do they calculate it that way? The school I took it at included the lab component and totaled 4 credit hours. It looks like its still 4 credit hours at Delgado but 3 are lecture and 1 is lab? I think at this point I am obsessing and over analyzing it too much. March is a looong way off. Also i didnt realize that general biology for science majors was required as a prerequisite for A&P. I did take it, but didnt send it in with my course descriptions. Is anyone else applying from a different school?
  4. rachelalexis23

    Charity School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Does anyone know how they figure the GPA? Is it just the classes listed on the curriculum (which is how it seems in the bulletin) or overall?