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    Please help

    just started at a facility and my RNsupervisor authorized a LVN to remake an MAR since it was only the second of the month and only her and I had worked. She had intentions of having me go back and just reinitial when I came in however I was off for a week. When I came back (after all the other nurses of the facility worked) somone had initialed my initials for me on the days that I work . I reported the incident to my RN supervisor via phone . She told me she was going to follow up with me . When I reached out to her again she stated she had no way of proving who did it and I should avoid leaving MARs blank to avoid this from happening and said she would have a staff meeting regarding “MAR ediquete” I, however did not leave the MARS blank, she authorized another LVN to restart one . I am not sure what I am supposed to do . Especially since nobody was held accountable, if this occurs again and something happens I could be held responsible. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do .