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    Need more Prep

    Hi everyone! I am taking the NCLEX in a few months once I finish up my preceptorship. I need some advice on what the best nclex preparation programs would be best? I feel as if my school did not prepare me for the boards at all. I realized this when I took the med-surg Hesi last year and realized that the school had failed to even cover the most basic of topics (Pressure ulcers? Never covered. Diabetes? Never covered. Fluid and electrolyte balance? Never covered.). I am currently doing Coursepoint by Lippincott and have a few nclex review books and am shocked at how little the school has prepared us... I am looking for a nclex prep course that is simply more than just a bunch of questions. I'm trying to find something comprehensive that has modules that teach you content and THEN give questions. Does anyone know of some good programs that fit these requirements? Thanks!