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  1. eyeontheprize19

    Uworld? NCLEX

    Hey there! I'm using Uworld as well. My test isn't for a few more weeks. I'm also using Hurst, NCLEX mastery app, and lachairty book.
  2. eyeontheprize19

    Failed AP + Lab

    Typically lab and lecture are tied together as one class. Though they are "separate" (meaning lab is scheduled at a different time/location) they still must both be passed in order to pass the class overall. It may work differently in some schools, but that's what I've experienced.
  3. eyeontheprize19

    lateral violence in nursing school

    I'm glad I am not the only one who experienced this in nursing school! I had people flat out refuse to speak to me simply because I passed a test that they bombed. I had someone call me a kiss a** for answering a question correctly in class. The list goes on and on and even includes teachers bullying students (which was reported and brushed off by administration!). I say this: Go back to school. Ignore the others; they are making fools of themselves acting this way. I thought of it like this: I never have to see or speak to these people ever again after I graduate!
  4. eyeontheprize19

    Failing Hurst?

    Hi everyone. I am currently taking the online Hurst review to prepare for NCLEX. I find that am I failing eery single post content review quiz. Last night I got a 30 on the burns review quiz which baffled me because burns was something I was very knowledgable at in school. Does anyone else find HURST review hard and very vague? I find they give very simple lectures and then throw content at you that is 10x above the level of the lecture. On the other hand, on the NCLEX mastery app I have a 60% and I finished the Passpoint website with a mastery of 7.5/8. Is there something I am doing wrong with HURST or is the Hurst review supposed to be like this? Any tips? Thank you!

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