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  1. NurseAm17

    ATT, Hurst, Kaplan, all of the above..

    Update: I PASSED! My results posted sometime during the night between 1/28/2019 & 1/29/2019 EEEK
  2. NurseAm17


    Wow, congrats!! I took mine on 1/22/19 and I'm still waiting for official results/license number. The waiting is torturous!!
  3. NurseAm17

    ATT, Hurst, Kaplan, all of the above..

    Since I was looking everywhere for information regarding ATT and confirmation of my passing probability, I figured others may be too.. so here this is for future nurses! 12/5/2018: Applied to BRN 12/17/2018: Graduation 1/10/2019: School sent transcripts to BRN 1/15/2019: Application approved on Breeze (BRN) website 1/16/2019: Received ATT from Pearson 1/22/2019: Took NCLEX 1/28/2019: STILL WAITING FOR OFFICIAL RESULTS I got "the good pop-up" from Pearson Vue, but it isn't the same as seeing your license on the BRN. ** When I got ATT from Pearson, the closest test date available in a 50-mile radius was 2/7/2019. I signed up for that day, but I checked Pearson multiple times a day to see if someone had rescheduled, thus opening up a spot for me to test earlier. It worked. I rescheduled to 1/31/2019, but I still kept checking. Alas, 1/22/2019 opened up, and I jumped on it. As far as reviews/studying for NCLEX, here is my data. HURST: "Our recent study of pass rates revealed that Hurst Review students who were successful on the NCLEX®RN exam achieved a median score of 77 out of 125 on the Q Review." Q Review 1: 86/125 Q Review 2: 85/125 Q Review 3: 93/125 Q Review 4: 92/125 Q Review Average: 89/125 ** I only studied my weak topics/topics of high importance from the Hurst Review book before taking NCLEX. Fluid/electrolyte, endocrine, renal, and management of care. I utilized the majority, if not all of their practice questions and their Q Reviews. READ THE RATIONALES! KAPLAN: From a 2014 quote, "The goal score for the Diagnostic and Question Trainers 1-5 is 65%. For the Readiness test, Question Trainers 6, 7 & all QBank tests, the goal is 60%. See Chapter 2 of your book for details." From a 2017 quote, "...any score above 60% on the Readiness is favorable." I didn’t do any of the Trainers – I only took the Readiness Test and got 63% On the NCLEX I had ­75 questions and finished in 1 hour. It was HARD. Majority were SATA. My advice to you: do practice questions, READ RATIONALES, take the night before the exam off to relax, BREATHE, trust your gut. I can't wait to update you all with "I PASSED!" ....hopefully this week!
  4. NurseAm17

    NCLEX in 4 days, feel like I'm gonna fail

    Mine is also on January 22nd, but at 0800. I was originally signed up for February 7th, but something sooner opened, so I took it. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I jumped the gun. I do want to be done with the stress and anxiety, but I don't know if I am fully prepared. Will we every be fully prepared? Hurst review has been helpful but when I was rewatching the videos I felt so unmotivated and felt like I was wasting my time because "I already know this stuff.." I'm at the point with practice questions that they are starting to pop up again, so I don't have to use a single brain cell to answer them. Hopefully we can focus on studying for the next 3 days (rather than scour AllNurses for NCLEX help....guilty!) and show that NCLEX who's boss! From one future RN to another, best of luck!