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  1. Hi everyone Im posting here because I need some advice. My background is family practice and urgent care. So have recently lost my family prac job. Just feel lost, like drifting without direction? Has anyone felt like this, if so what helped you decide what to do next in your career. thanks
  2. Power2020

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    30,0000 K? Remove that out of the contract or dont work there....
  3. Power2020

    Commute to your job?

    Nice! 10 minutes is luxury!
  4. Power2020

    Commute to your job?

    Ani talla - yes urgent care pays higher for sure with NP saturation its hard for me to find urgent care full time I wish I could. Right now im just working PRN and average about 6-10 shifts a month but no guarantee of shifts I currently have an interview for family practice with a company but its a 40 min drive 8-5 mon-fri
  5. Power2020

    Need help deciding between job offers

    No job is guaranteed always go for the job you can get the most knowledge because lets say you get laid off from the job that offers 50 K more...after a year and time passes... you now are back in the market but didnt learn much. You will surely feel less confident!
  6. Power2020

    Commute to your job?

    Hello. I am wondering how far is everyone commuting to work? What are your hours ? If you commute are you able to get out on time? Lastly, if you do a 8-5 how do you balance work and family life? Thanks in advance!
  7. Power2020

    How bad do I want it?

    Hello Thanks for the replies! I am in Texas. Yes, this job I will interview for pays for malpractice. Well new grads get about 85,000, I understand that that may be low balling. How much should I ask for?
  8. Power2020

    How bad do I want it?

    Hello fellow NP's. First of all, I would like to say thank you for reading this. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with roughly over 1 year of NP experience in a family practice setting with a private practice. I recently was laid off suddenly due to office downsizing. I was working urgent care on the side as well for the last year (would work PRN like 2 shifts a month), yes I am a workaholic. I love working, keeping busy. Some background facts: I live in a tiny town w/the next big city is 2 hrs away NP saturation –there is a NP school about 30 miles from where I live which causes jobs to get saturated faster The current urgent care I work for is a privately owned clinic that is disorganized (we never have enough supplies, etc.), not sure if it will stay open. Currently average about 6 shifts a month -12 hours long- $75/hr. no benefits, no guarantee of shifts the next month. Boredom at home kills me Financially I am ok. My husband is a electrical engineer and I can stay home if I really wanted. I now have been job hunting for 4 months, and have realized the impact of this NP saturation at this time. I have been wanting to work for a company instead of a private doctor, because of the benefits (specifically 401 k) I want to continue working with adult population and I love managing chronic illnesses. MY question is.... I have a pending job interview at a local family practice clinic but the drive is 45 minutes each way. Not sure of all the details of the pay but I am hoping 100,000 and 401 K after the first year/PTO is about 2-3 weeks a year. This is a 8-5 position. More like 7-6 for me d/t the drive (ASSUMING I get out on time ) OR continue in a urgent care company that just started up about 2 years ago and does not seem stable- meaning they seem they could shut down anytime. And I don’t get enough shifts. If continued urgent care I wouold start working part time job on TOP of urgent care- no benefits Currently, I am on my husbands insurance but do not have 401 k, PTO etc. It’s basically a risk to live the lifestyle of more flexibility ( urgent care) or simply get a 8-5. Which are your thoughts?