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    CRNA Application

    Hey Everyone! I recently sent in two applications for CRNA school and I was wondering what you thought of my odds of acceptance: -BSN, went to an accelerated nursing program (3 years) -Overall gpa 3.85, science and math gpa 4.0 -Work in a CVICU where we recover cabgs -Experience with- IABP, impella, CRRT, etc... - 1.5 years of experience (started in ICU) -Went through a 1 year critical care residency program -Charge Nurse and Co-Chair of unit council -CCRN, BLS, ACLS, PALS -Research volunteer for oncology trial program -Shadowed CRNA My GRE score was not the greatest (298) but only one school required that I take it. I considered retaking but decided not to.. My concern is that I only have 1.5 years experience, even though the requirement is just a year I’m afraid they would want more experienced candidates. Any tips or thoughts? Thanks!