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  1. Jorene83

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    Good luck @lmarino21
  2. Jorene83

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    I got waitlisted... I’m so freaking sad. Did anyone else get waitlisted? What does that mean? Is the wait list just for the fall term or does it carry over to spring semester? Thanks! Jo
  3. Jorene83

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    Hey @Imarino21 Never heard of such. Can you let us all know what that is, after your have interviewed? I haven’t heard by from UPenn either. Keeping my fingers crossed for an interview also. I got interviewed at Jefferson in January and was waitlisted...🥺🥺
  4. Jorene83

    UPenn CRNA 2020

    I applied Nov and haven't heard back. I also have an interview coming at Jefferson.
  5. Hey, I applied for the fall 2019 CRNA class and have an interview coming up. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Has anyone applied and gotten in? How was the interview process? How long did you have to wait for an acceptance/rejection letter? Good luck y'all.