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  1. malenurseNTX2019

    The Time of My Life

    I say that title in humor of course. Nursing school was anything but the time of my life. First I am a male nurse (LVN), in school to become RN. Secondly, I am a senior (>55), in comes age discrimination. After countless incidents of harassment, discrimination, humiliation, and ridicule, I finally present the problem to the program director. Darn the luck, she don't like me either. In the aftermath, I have actually had many a bad dream of being back in those hostile clinical settings, and the trauma comes back stat, until I wake up and realize it may never be truly over!
  2. malenurseNTX2019

    Help termination

    Not to worry new graduate of nursing! I work with a guy who has been fired by at least 5 employers that I know of, and he has no problems getting a job. the need is high out there, just downplay it, be humble, admit your mistake, and move forward. No reason to worry at this point.
  3. malenurseNTX2019

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    Point well taken, and its true of nursing schools at large. I know the only chance I have is should members of the board want for me to prevail. I also fear this could cause a retaliation effect on the part of the instructor staff.
  4. malenurseNTX2019

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    I have to say that your answer describes exactly what has happened through 3, of 4 appeals. That power structure may be immutable to all opposing reason.
  5. malenurseNTX2019

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    Your point is correct as to passing rates for schools, but the key to the question related to the forced repeat of an already passed clinical.
  6. malenurseNTX2019

    Nursing School Forces Retake of Passed Courses

    In an unexpected ending to the entirety of the LVN/RN bridge program, I passed the clinical portion, but failed the HESI exit exam. This causes me a repeat of the academic, and clinical courses for the last semester. These are both time consuming, and expensive courses, and each is separate of the other as emphasized strongly by the staff. So I sought to be relieved of the clinical repeat course based on having successfully passed in the last semester. Denied with administration claiming these must be taken again in full by State Statute. Not so. I got documentation from the statutory body, and the schools representative, it is NOT statutory. In closed appeal conferences (3) of (4), the department chair continued to declare the retake as a mandatory, statutory requirement, leaving them no power to rule. NOT SO. They have been faced with the evidence, and with no plausible comeback, stated "our curriculum is approved" an obfuscation from the misrepresentation of past hearings. Having examined their entire curriculum sent for board approval, no mention is ever made of forced recursive classes when already passed. Now a final, and last appeal remains to the college board itself. It must be said this school is smaller, with limited enrollments, and nursing revenues are critical in their budget. Should I feel that fairness, and equity is being delivered here, or are they just exploiting this opportunity for financial gain? Days away from final appeal, and the board can simply make no decision, which sends the ruling back from the last appeal. How is that for fair play.